1. Unsung Words (Spoken)

Scott Werley, Director of Visual Arts/Lyrics

Scott Werley is responsible for the art direction and lyrical elements behind Gravity Mission. He is a professional graphic designer, web designer/developer and photographer and is currently living in the beautiful Outer Sunset district of San Francisco, California. Scott owns his own small studio, Scott Werley Creative, and through it he provides creative services to rising artists, small businesses, medium sized firms and higher educational institutions. Please visit his website for a complete review of his portfolio and services.

In 2011, Scott worked on Ruben’s debut Subito Pianno album entitled Paisaje Mental. It was through this contracted relationship that Ruben and Scott became close friends and decided to collaborate on a new exciting project together. The reality of that profound fusion is now Gravity Mission, one of Denton’s rising electronic groups. Having mapped out a trilogy together, Scott provides his transformative leadership qualities and polished audio-visual-writing capabilities to gather and solidify the band’s mission, concept, track titles, and inspirational elements from cutting-edge artists in similar sonic circles.

The duo combines the best elements from classical, electronic, spoken word, pop, and chill out genres to form a new constellation of soundscapes fused with modern and post-modern influences. Through his artwork, Scott seeks to communicate the possibilities of a conscious, interdependent world where the lines blur between the Self, the Other and the Whole.

One of his favorite quotes is: “problems only exist in the human mind.” Scott believes that actively choosing to reclaim balance with nature – and understanding we are a part of it and not separate – is the key to saving mankind from its destructive tendencies. As a progressive advocate of sustainability and respecting all life forms, Scott hopes that his work can shed light on a new generation, willing (out of rationalized necessity) to go above and beyond the expectations of the past.

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