1. Unsung Words (Instrumental)

Ruben Erazo, Director of Music Production

Ruben is responsible for the musical enterprise behind Gravity Mission. Originally a native of Bogotá, Colombia, this classically trained musician works from his home studio, Subito Sound Studio, located in friendly Denton, Texas. There, he shapes the mood of the Gravity Mission’s sonic force, which includes vocal and music arrangements, music composition, recording, mixing and, mastering. He is also know as the Cosmic Barber in the reaches of the Milky Way Galaxy and is responsible for Scott’s thrilling haircut in the short film “The Cosmic Haircut.”

Ruben has a solo music project called Subito Pianno, which is in a process of transformation that soon is going to rise again under the visual creative force of the cosmic poet (also know as Scott “the cosmic client” Werley). He is a dedicated fan of Scott’s poetry and is willing to keep working with his cosmic partner as far as their creativity allows them to – ideally, until the end of time.

Ruben is an advocate of nature and recognizes the level of abuse the human species is infringing on our planet without respecting other life forms. “The human species, also know as Homo sapiens, is on top of the food chain and doesn’t have a natural predator,” declares Ruben. “As a result, the degree of destruction of our natural habitat, caused by overpopulation and the out-of-proportion habits of consumption, is putting our very existence on the verge of extinction. Regardless, life will keep going on without us. We are the problem, and we need to be truly intelligent and preserve our species… because extinction is forever.”

Gravity Mission is a honest art project that seeks to reach out to free thinking listeners worldwide to become a changing force for preserving life in a cosmic balance.

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