Renaissance: Deluxe Edition Album


Digital download. Includes two discs of high quality 320 kbps MP3 files and essential companion PDF booklet with 27 high resolution pages, including full color artwork, comprehensive preface, project synopsis, collaborators, lyrics, digital illustrations by Colin Lawler, liner notes and more. Disc one: vocal version featuring Ashley Dahl. Disc two: instrumentals.

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Renaissance is an expansive multimedia project promoting compassionate healing via psilocybin assisted therapy, a scientifically-validated approach to mental healthcare being introduced by Oregon in 2022 and 2023. Oregon is the first state to pass such inspiring progressive legislation. This body of work began in 2019 and was completed over three years, with the majority produced during the pandemic era. It is our first release created with prominent collaborators separate from Gravity Mission.

Our latest release serves to be an educational framework in alignment with the goals of the Oregon Psilocybin Society (OPS), PSI 2020, IP-34, and Measure 109 passed on the Oregon 2020 state ballot. As a team of four, we choose to acknowledge the surging mental health crisis within the United States and to address it from a compassionate space.

Our intention with Renaissance is to support those who wish to move forward with psychedelic assisted therapy as a beneficial means for integrating clinically proven, lasting, and positive changes within their lives. It is offered as a prominent self-care resource for promoting deeper relaxation and quality of rest; processing emotions and traumas; fostering loving kindness, mindfulness, and empathy; abandoning entrenched addictions and vices; and facing death with dignity on one’s own terms.

Album production, lyrics, photography, and design by Scott Werley.
Music composition, audio production, and mastering by Ruben Erazo.
Vocals and “Luminous Presence” guided meditation by Ashley Dahl, OpenSpace Mindfulness.
Full-length animation and digital illustrations by Colin Lawler.

Released March 20, 2022.

© 2022 Gravity Mission. All rights reserved.

Digital Files Specs

Album (320 kbps MP3 files): 324 MB
PDF Booklet: 91 MB

Version Notes

The Deluxe Edition Album is also purchasable from Bandcamp. The standard version (audio only, without the companion PDF) is available from all major online music distributors and streaming services.

The Definitive Edition Bundle includes Colin Lawler’s full-length animation video in vocal and instrumental versions (2560×1440 2K resolution/60+ minutes in length). Buying it is the only way to purchase Renaissance’s animation videos. The content of the animation is suitable for all ages.

The full-length animation videos are also available as 3 day streaming rentals from Gumroad. Rent the vocal animation or the instrumental animation for only $5.


This work is dedicated to those who lead us forward:

Michael Beug, PhD
Anthony Bossis, PhD
David Bronner
Rick Doblin, PhD
Tom and Sheri Eckert
Roland Griffiths, PhD
Albert Hofmann, PhD
Aldous Huxley
Peter McCoy
Terence McKenna
Michael Pollan
Paul Stamets

Clinical trial researchers and participants
(Johns Hopkins, UCLA, NYU, Imperial College of London…)

Without whom the path would remain hidden.


Disc One (Featuring Ashley Dahl)

1. Renaissance (8:03)
2. Set (5:30)
3. Setting (4:10)
4. Trust (4:27)
5. Entheogen (5:35)
6. Mystical Experience (12:43)
7. Meaning (5:01)
8. Transcendence (5:35)
9. Equanimity (6:14)
10. Love (4:16)

Disc Two (Instrumentals)

1. Renaissance (Instrumental Version) (8:03)
2. Set (Instrumental Version) (5:30)
3. Setting (Instrumental Version) (4:10)
4. Trust (Instrumental Version) (4:27)
5. Entheogen (Instrumental Version) (5:35)
6. Mystical Experience (Instrumental Version) (12:43)
7. Meaning (Instrumental Version) (5:01)
8. Transcendence (Instrumental Version) (5:35)
9. Equanimity (Instrumental Version) (6:14)
10. Love (Instrumental Version) (4:16)