Quiet (BTSW Acoustic Album)


Digital download. Includes high quality 320 kbps MP3 files. (No companion PDF booklet is available for this release.)



An acoustic version of Before The Spoken Word, Quiet presents an intimate take on a handful of classic tracks. Two bonus tracks — Chiaroscuro and The Philosopher’s Gaze — make for a beautifully introspective musical journey.

Recorded, mixed, edited and mastered at Subito Sound Studio by Ruben Erazo.
Lyrics, photography and visual design by Scott Werley.

Released September 22, 2012

© 2012 Gravity Mission. All rights reserved.

Digital File Specs

Album (320 kbps MP3 files): 95 MB

Version Notes

The standard album is also purchasable from Bandcamp and is available from all major online music distributors and streaming services.

We do have a limited amount of physical copies available. Contact us for details.


This release is dedicated to our forefathers John Muir and Neil Armstrong whose courage and wisdom shine on…


1. 75 Percent Water (Quiet Revisit) (05:54)
2. Activation (Quiet Revisit) (04:46)
3. Forest Meets Mountain (Quiet Revisit) (04:44)
4. Chiaroscuro (Bonus Track) (06:36)
5. The Hive Mind (Quiet Revisit) (04:55)
6. Instincts (Quiet Revisit) (04:55)
7. In The Beginning (Quiet Revisit) (04:48)
8. The Philosopher’s Gaze (Bonus Track) (05:56)