Gravitational Waves: Deluxe Edition Album


Digital download. Includes high quality 320 kbps MP3 files and companion PDF booklet with 10 high resolution pages filled with full color artwork, lyrics, liner notes and more.

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Gravity Mission breaks more than six years of silence in their discography with the release of Gravitational Waves, the duo’s second full length studio album. Psychedelic dream pop and swirling, colorful synthscapes invoke visuals of unforgettable adventures and road trips along the West Coast and throughout the Pacific Northwest. This is the music that takes care of you.

Almost three years in the making, a new chapter of headspace unfolds to align with the paramount discovery of gravitational waves, confirming Einstein’s 1915 theory of general relativity. Recorded at 432Hz (the natural frequency of the Universe).

Recording, vocals, mixing and mastering by Ruben Erazo.
Lyrics, vocals, and visual design by Scott Werley.

Released October 26, 2018.

© 2018 Gravity Mission. All rights reserved.

Digital Files Specs

Album (320 kbps MP3 files): 150 MB
PDF Booklet: 21 MB

Version Notes

The Deluxe Edition is also purchasable from Bandcamp. The standard version (without the companion PDF) is available from all major online music distributors and streaming services.


This album is dedicated to all of the pioneers — men and women alike — who take one step further into the unknown.


1. Gravitational Waves (02:31)
2. Cosmos From Chaos (06:38)
3. Stream (07:34)
4. Spherical Thinking (05:49)
5. West Coast 05:11
6. And Then The Stars Whispered My Name (06:47)
7. River Into Ocean (06:20)
8. Three Thousand Years (04:14)
9. Ocean Of Clouds (04:58)
10. Surrender To The Void (01:58)