Quiet: A Time For Reflection

It is finally here!! September 22nd: we love ya!!!

Our latest album Quiet is now available for your listening and viewing pleasure. Released on September 22nd, this marks our last major release for our band until our next installation, The Monster Arising. (Release date: to be determined.)

This revisit experience was a blast to work on, and it really worked out better than we had expected. Our idea was to create an unplugged, or acoustic, version of Before The Spoken Word, with some additional new material thrown in for good measure. The result is a dynamically contrasting sound and presentation for those ever soft, comfortable, savory candle lit nights at home.

It’s really incredible how different a song feels and is absorbed when you make some slight artistic modifications. For instance, “Activation” inquired a chant-like ritualistic quality, and “Instincts” reveals its truly somber expression of fragility and sacrifice. Through the simple fusion of keys and vocals, a new constellation is born.

Don’t forget to take a listen to the new kids on the block, “Chiaroscuro” and “The Philosopher’s Gaze.” These instrumental tracks have been inside our minds and hearts since the beginning of our mission, and we feel now is the right time to give them a chance to shine.

THANK YOU GUYS AND GALS for being here with us once more, and to celebrate life and the incredible mysteries of the Universe!! We’d love to hear your thoughts on our latest release. Feel free to contact us and drop a line or two. Your thoughts make a difference! 🙂

– GM